Youth Administrator

Dr Sinclair’s Drawer
Flat Time House, London
Produced by Book Works, London and Flat Time House
With Katrina Palmer, Samuel Hasler and Francesco Pedraglio

9 October–23 November 2014


7 Customs

Wirksworth Arts Festival
Commissioned by Rose Lejeune

9–25 September 2014


Swallowing Incoherence

Collective, Edinburgh
With Maria Fusco, Dr Dominic Paterson and Banu Cennetoglu

13 October–25 November 2012


You Are of Vital Importance to the Art Community

What We Have Done, What We Are About To Do
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Curated by Francis McKee, Rebecca Wilcox and Oliver Pitt

18 August–1 September 2012


Being a Character

Glasgow Project Room

27–30 January 2011


The Equivalent

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

13 October–25 July 2010